2016 Jamboree Volunteers

High everyone,

So all you past volunteers it is that time again. Yep, time to email or call Carol and let her know what rides and areas  you are willing to work this year.

If you know the trails and would like to help out, let us know.

Carol     crustyfrog88869@aol.com or the club email. phone 208-512-1826.

I have started working on the schedule so get your choices in early.

We appreciate all our volunteers. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you,

Carol Hunt

HMATV Association, Inc.

Ride Coordinator

2015 Annual Jamboree Poster

Get Our 21st Annual Jamboree Poster Here!!!

Here is the Poster for our 21st Annual Jamboree that runs from Monday, July 21, 2015 and Saturday, July 25, 2015.

2016 Jamboree poster


2015 Annual Jamboree

Join Us For Our 21th Annual Jamboree

From Monday, July 20, 2015 and Saturday, July 25, 2015, the 20th Annual Jamboree will be held here in Wallace Idaho. The Jamboree features a week long schedule of events. The events include daily hosted trail rides, social gatherings and capping the week off friendly competition in the ATV Jamboree.

100_2828The hosted trail rides allow riders to see some of the most beautiful country in the North West while enjoying the time outdoors. Check out these photographs from prior years Jamborees for more examples of what you may see. Not for the faint of heart is the Mad Man ride. Lots of energy and stamina are required to complete this rigorous day-long ride. Complete the ride for your special MadMan T-shirt.  Think you can ride it all? Come show us!
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Want to ride in Idaho?

Here is what you need to do. Call the DMV to make sure none of the information has been changed. We try to keep this updated but sometimes things change. You will also need to have liability insurance, a horn( bicycle ball squeeze horns meet this requirement), mirror and brake light.

Riders Enjoy Visit

A wild week of ATV racing, wrangling and recreation came to a close Saturday, in Wallace, with the conclusion of the ATV Rodeo, which signals the end of the nearly week-long ATV Jamboree.  About 200 people camped out for the week, but while attendance was slightly down due to the troubled economy, High Mountain ATV President Jim Shields said that enthusiasm was up.  “The numbers were down just a bit in terms of rides, but it was up in participation as far as how many rode all week. Lots of people stayed with the group this time, and spent lots of money in the town,” he said. “The enthusiasm was great — they were on their machines ready to roll at 9 every day when the rides took off.”

People came from all over the Northwest, including a strong contingency that took the trek down from Canada to participate in the High Mountain ATV’s marquee event. Guests were treated to such unique events as an ATV drag race, a barrel race and an obstacle course built by Shields and his family. However, the highlight of the event may have been the new sled pull, which featured a sled that measured 30 feet, built by the father-son tandem of Dave and Luke Sprough.

“For our drag race, had it professionally timed by a snow mobile club that came in and did the timing for us. We had the racing lights and it was great for the racers to see what time they came in with and to get a print out of it,” Shields said. “Another highlight came from a family that’s been coming here for about 10 years, the Strough family. That was a big hit with some huge number of participants. [The Stroughs] built it for us and they did an outrageous job on the machine and we had some fun with it. High Mountain ATV secretary B.J. Case agreed with her president that the big draw was the Stroughs sled pull. “There were so many highlights, a lot of new people from some new areas, a lot of people from Canada, and everyone liked the new sled pull,” she added. “We hadn’t had one for a couple of years, but now we got a new sled that the Strough’s put a ton of work into and donated to the club.”

No riders suffered any significant injuries during the five-day event, and the masses of participants that came in waves from western Washington, Canada, and California never once found themselves feeling out of place in northern Idaho.  The feeling of warmth and community that was given to out of town strangers was something Shields was most proud of. “You can’t say enough about the city of Wallace and Shoshone County, and the citizens for opening up their homes, so to speak, to these out of towners,” he said. “Everyone treated them excellently and they couldn’t say enough about how they felt right at home. The atmosphere we created didn’t allow them to feel like strangers tearing up our woods, they felt like they were just here to have some fun with some good friends.”

by ZAK FAILLA Shoshone News Press

ROHVA Online Safety Course

The ROV E-Course is a free, multi-media, interactive online safety course available here 24/7. The E-Course is an important resource for the growing community of ROV enthusiasts and reinforces:

  • Key risk factors associated with ROV operation
  • Safe driving practices that will reduce risk of injury
  • The best resources for learning about your particular vehicle

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Jamboree Registration Form


**High Mountain ATV Jamboree 2013** July 21st – 27th

Registration Form — One Form for each Rider Please


Name: ____________________________________ Age: ________


City: _________________________ State: __________ Zip: _______

Telephone: (_____) ________________ E-Mail_________________________


Funds Attached: $__________________ T-shirt Size: _____________

Would you like Steak_________ or Chicken ________


Monday – Friday daily rides, 1 BBQ steak dinner ticket, 1 jamboree shirt, 1 rodeo shirt, 2 all you can eat breakfast tickets, obstacle course, parade, pizza social, potluck BBQ and the Rodeo are all included in the Jamboree package.



Registration: before June 1st $125.00 per person.

After June 1st $135.00 per person

Families with 4 or more in the same household: before June 1st $100.00 per person, after June 1st $110.00 per person.

High Mountain ATV Members $100.00 per person, after June 1st $110.00

The Madman Ride is $25.00 per person (optional)


If you only want daily rides and not the whole Jamboree package it is:

1ride is $30.00 + a Jamboree shirt, 2 rides is $50.00 + 1 Jamboree shirt, and 3 rides is $70.00 + 1 Jamboree shirt.

Release of Liability HELMETS ARE REQUIRED

I recognize that riding an ATV is a hazardous activity that can result in serious personal injury or death. I accept the risks inherent to riding in an ATV event including, but not limited to, obstacles on and off the course, rapidly changing weather, limited visibility, variation of steepness on and off the trails, surface or subsurface conditions on or off the trails, collisions with other ATV’s (including other riders), and collisions with devices used to mark the boundary of the trails or rodeo. In consideration for my participation in the ATV Jamboree 2013, I hereby release and agree to hold the High Mountain ATV Association, Inc., their officers, directors, employees and agents harmless from any and all claims. I have carefully read this agreement and release of liability and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this release of liability is a contract between myself and High Mountain ATV Association, Inc., and I sign it of my own free will.


Riders Signature: ________________________________ Date: _____________


If Rider is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also sign below on next page.


Parent/Guardian: _________________________________ Date: ____________




Cancellation Policy: We will gladly refund your registration fee, minus the cost of the T-shirts and the shipping fee, for any cancellation prior to June1st 2012


High Mountain ATV Association, Inc. P.O. Box 805, Wallace ID 83873 (208)-512-2269


New Mandatory Safety Course for Minors

 During the 2011 legislative session, the Idaho Recreation Council worked with legislators to pass SB1001. The passing of this bill brought a couple of key changes to Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) education requirements in Idaho.

All unlicensed riders who wish to operate an OHV on National Forest roads are required to take an OHV safety course.

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A Great Place for ATVs

Staff writer Shoshone News Press

WALLACE — Dirt Wheels Magazine named Wallace one of the top 12 North American ATV towns in its March 2010 edition. “Their history is deep-rooted in the mining, logging and railroading industries, and the mountainous terrain is filled with unparalleled scenic views and wildlife,” is how the publication describes the historic area.

High Mountain ATV Association President and Safety Officer Jim Shields said the club was kind of surprised with the ranking from such a prominent ATV magazine, although Dirt Wheels has always done well in promoting the local ATV Jamboree — which will be celebrating its 17th year this summer. “We’re very excited about it,” he said. Shields said ATV riders are able to explore about 1,100 miles of trails in Shoshone County, enjoying how Silver Valley merchants make the area very hospitable. [Read more…]

2010 Event Winners


Jamboree Trophy & Raffle Winners


of the 1st place ATV Package:

Shields of Wallace, Idaho

of the Second place ATV Package:

Winter of Dalton Gardens, Idaho

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