2017 Jamboree – No Jamb Year

Everyone has been wondering about the Jamboree……..

Well after much thought and consideration the consensus here at Wallace is that this year will be a NO Jamb year.

Everyone’s work and volunteering through the years has been much appreciated and great and we hate to not have the Jamboree as it has been, but the amount of work and time that just a few of us have to put into it from now till July has gotten to be just too much.

So, JULY 17 THRU JULY 22, 2017 is going to be a no Jam. Two years ago we had a no jamb and it worked out well. Mostly the thought is that all of us get to ride and enjoy everyone’s company. No one is stuck in the registration and banging their heads on the wall trying to make sure everything is going as planned.

So the unofficial plan is to have friends and relatives going out on rides together every day or when ever they would like. The float trip was a hit and could be again. We can have a potluck or two and just enjoy being with each other. Let’s hear your thoughts.

So the Wallace Chamber of Commerce looked into taking over the Jamb and this year it is not feasible for them. But , they are planning on having ATV Week the same week as out NO Jamb. They are planning on the Pizza Social or an Ice cream social. And possible some other events. Maybe the parade. There will be more info coming out on this. And as soon as we get their posters and info we will pass it on.

The point is…….WE HERE IN WALLACE are looking forward to seeing out friends again this year.

Let us know if you are still coming so we have something to look forward to.

Remember the Wallace RV park takes reservations January 2nd and tend to fill up fast. So get your spot reserved and pass it on that all your friends need to do so also.

Here is the big thing to remember……. If you enjoy riding in the Wallace area we will be depending on the club dues to keep us going. So please take time to fill out your membership forms and send them in.

HMATV is also planning on doing some fun runs this year. One for Juvenile Diabetes and another one for something else.
We will be getting that info out to you as soon as we have the dates and such set.

Well, that is the scoop on the Jamboree this year an we hope to see you all soon. If you get in the area to ride let us know so we might join you.

We will also be having a meeting to elect new officers and we will let you know the date. We really need people to step up and keep the club going. Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,
Bob Case
B.J. Case
Jim Shields
Carol Hunt
Jim Guy
Axel Carlson
Jay Nelson
Debbie Nelson

2015 Annual Jamboree Poster

Get Our 21st Annual Jamboree Poster Here!!!

Here is the Poster for our 21st Annual Jamboree that runs from Monday, July 21, 2015 and Saturday, July 25, 2015.

2016 Jamboree poster