Want to ride in Idaho?

Here is what you need to do. Call the DMV to make sure none of the information has been changed. We try to keep this updated but sometimes things change. You will also need to have liability insurance, a horn( bicycle ball squeeze horns meet this requirement), mirror and brake light.

Dept of Motor Vehicle
700 Bank Street
Wallace, ID 83873
Phone’ 208-752-1201
Fax 208-752-1102


  • Copy of current registration or certificate of origin
  • machine color (it is not always stated on reg.)
  • your social security number
  • your phone number
  • $18,00 US currency check, money order, or credit card
  • you will recieve by mail– license plate (good for years), road sticker, and OHV sticker.
  • OHV sticker (also known as the IDPR sticker) is good for 1 year, if you have one from your state you do not need it.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to recieve plate in the mail.

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