2014 Jamboree Info

Monday, July 21 through Saturday, July 26


208-512-5465 – email: hmatva@cebridge.net
NOTE: The use of a helmet is required at all Jamboree Events.

Jamboree Registration (click here)

The Jamboree sports a week long schedule of hosted trail rides with 4-6 rides to choose from each day Monday through Friday. Rides are set up according to three levels of difficulty and are rated as either easy, moderate or advanced. The difficulty level is determined primarily by the type of terrain encountered.  Factors considered include:  steepness, roughness, obstacles, snow and distance.

Monday night is an all you can eat Spaghetti dinner for $7.50

Wednesday’s activities include an evening parade through Wallace followed by a pizza social with fun and games. Pop and beer are included with the social. The parade theme this year is Finding Big Foot.

Sunday 4p.m. IDPR ATV Safety Class (Rodeo Grounds) for people registered for the Jamboree.

We will again have Friday night Potluck BBQ at Gene Day Park in Osburn the meat, buns and pop will be provided by High Mountain ATV please bring your favorite side dish. There will be a sign up sheet to let everyone know who is bringing what.  5p.m. – 8p.m.


A Mad Man ride will be held again this year and is optional. Lots of energy and stamina are required to complete this rigorous day-long ride. The Mad Man event costs an additional $25.00 and includes a special Mad Man T-shirt.

Two all-you-can-eat pancake, egg and sausage breakfasts are included on Friday and Saturday mornings. The breakfasts are put on by our local Search and Rescue Department.

The ATV rodeo will be on Saturday and includes four events Drag Racing, Barrel Racing, Sled Pull  and the Obstacle Course

The six day Jamboree culminates on Saturday evening with our ever popular BBQ steak dinner banquet, awards presentation and raffles.

Rodeo trophies will be presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of all ATV classes & events,

A drawing will be held for those who purchased raffle tickets.  Numerous!!! Raffle prizes are donated by our event sponsors, area businesses, and High Mountain ATV.

Regular Raffle Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 and may be purchased any time before the regular raffle begins.

As the final event of the Jamboree, a Special Raffle will be conducted for the following two prizes:

1st place is ATV Tires, a 3500lb.Viper Max Winch and a Raider ATV Box.

2nd place is a Kolpin Gas Pack and a 3500lb Viper Max winch

We also have a few individual raffles.

Special RaffleTickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 and may be purchased anytime before the special raffle begins. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase these tickets!  For tickets and more information, call:  208-512-2269 or e-mail us at:  hmatva@cebridge.net

The Jamboree Package includes the following:

  1. One Jamboree T-shirt
  2. One Rodeo T-shirt
  3. Hosted trail rides (Monday – Friday)
  4. Wednesday evening parade participation, pizza, pop and beer social
  5. Friday night potluck BBQ get together Burgers, Hot Dogs & pop provided.
  6. Two all you can eat pancake, egg and sausage breakfasts (juice & coffee included)
  7. One BBQ steak dinner
  8. Five tickets for participation in Saturday’s rodeo
  9. Rodeo event trophies (for event winners)

Additional Jamboree information including the ride schedules, event locations and hosted trail ride details will be provided at time of registration.

 Please check the Jamboree Registration Form for Event Pricing

Important!! – Please Read the following

Jamboree Rules, Requirements and Safety Mandates

 On hosted rides, all participants will need to provide their own lunch.  On some rides, our lunch stop may either be at or in close proximity to a restaurant. Should that be the case, you are welcome to purchase a meal at your own expense. If you choose this option, please be time conscious so as not to delay the ride for others.

The Association reserves the right to require that all safety and general requirements statutory to Federal, State, and County law, as well as Forest Service, BLM, PrivateLand requirements and High Mountain ATV Association requirements, apply to all participants.

Some of these topics especially important to the Association are as follows:

  1.          All participants including children must wear a helmet at all times while riding an ATV during any jamboree event. This includes traveling to and from any jamboree event/function.
  2.          You must also have, at minimum, a valid OHV sticker to participate in any of the hosted trail rides.
  3.          You must obey all traffic laws and behave in a manner representative of a safe, responsible and courteous ATV rider.
  4.          You must carry credentials provided by the Association that identify you as a participant.
  5.          You must carry a bucket and a shovel on all rides (your helmet qualifies as a bucket).
  6.          You must ride in single file.
  7.          If you leave a hosted ride for any reason, you are no longer considered a participant of that ride and will be on your own from that point on. This applies on a ride by ride basis.
  8.          We do not allow drinking (alcoholic beverages) and driving.
  9.          We do not allow driving anywhere but on designated hosted, trails or roads.
  10.          Except when stated otherwise, all meals are your own responsibility.
  11.          Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If you have not paid for the Jamboree package or single rides do not show up and expect to go.

Within the Rodeo grounds:

  1.  No Nitrous oxide! (Nitrox)
  2.  Children under 12 are not allowed to participate on any machine over 350cc.
  3.  We do not allow any machine to exceed 5 mph on the rodeo grounds!
  4.  Riders (rodeo participants or not) will not ride or park in any area designated for event rides.
  5.  Parking will only be within designated spectator areas.
  6.  Riders will follow all signs and postings of directions while on the rodeo grounds.

We require that all participants heed these regulations to keep everyone safe and to enable our staff and equipment to get to their destinations as we stage the events.  We also need to keep the area open to enable our vendors and sponsors to view the event!  Please be respectful to all Jamboree officials, participants and spectators! Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!

Rides are supported by participants paying to get a timed reading and trophy. Therefore, “just for fun” riders will have to pay like everyone else! You will not even get to the starting line if you haven’t paid.

You must have a participant marker (which we will provide) on the front of your vehicle and on your person that identifies you as a rodeo participant.  If you do not have these markers you will not be allowed to take part in the rodeo events!

Crowd parking will only be in designated areas. Those designations will be made by the High Mountain ATV Association who will flag or otherwise mark the boundaries.

Participants, spectators, and any others who do not obey these rules and regulations, will be removed from the Jamboree event and/or Rodeo grounds and will not be eligible for a refund!

In regards to all hosted trail rides, it is strongly recommended, but not required, that you bring along the following items:

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Basic Tool Kit
  3. Tire Repair Kit
  4. Portable Air Compressor
  5. Eye Protection
  6. Dust Mask
  7. Water and Snacks
  8. Hand-held Radio (GMRS/FRS)

Extra clothing for possible inclement weather:  rain gear, jackets and gloves.  Weather can change unexpectedly in this neck of the woods!